Who We Are


  • Caspian Associates is a consulting firm specializing in developing countries and emerging markets. We assist clients in formulating intelligent solutions to their critical problems and emerging challenges. Our approach ensures rapid and sustainable development even in distressed environments.
  • Our Pledge:
  • Caspian Associates was created based on a firm commitment to our clients: to do whatever it takes to deliver the right results, on time and affordably. For over a decade, we have consistently delivered on this promise regardless of our clients' situations.
  • Our Expertise:
  • Our strengths derive from spotting global, regional, and national trends that affect the performance of governments and corporations. We then strategize to meet those existing and emerging challenges with efficiency and equity.
  • Our Accountability:
  • We hold ourselves accountable through fixed-time commitments and a unique performance-pricing model, which puts us on the same side of the table as our clients. More importantly, our solutions account for clients' values and beliefs.
  • Why Clients Choose Caspian:
  • Clients choose Caspian Associates because we add the highest value by combining geopolitical realities with economic prospects. Our proven track record and commitment to delivering innovative solutions on-time and on-budget exceeds clients' expectations.